Q&A MEMBERS CALL: How to Get the Most out of Your Database Management System


William makes a comment: "How long does it take to get Top Producer totally implemented?"

Here's what I would say on that, and it's with any database, any CRM. If you didn't have one before and you have to get all your contacts in there, that's the biggest push in getting a database up and running. But then you have to treat it like a living thing, and it can never take a back seat to anything else. Database management needs to be something you focus on every day.

That being said, to have your closings in there, to have your lisings in there, to have your seller lead management and have it serve as your database - those are the four things that we use Top Producer for. Here you can see we manage our closings in there, our listings; it's our main database so we can search for contacts, and then we do our seller lead management in there.

One Step at a Time

Just take it a step at a time. If you don't have a database, that's one thing that's critically important. It's just going to be a process. I would say anywhere from one to three months to get Top Producer totally dialed in.

But make sure you don't put everything in your business off to the side while you implement that tool. You've got to sell real estate as you implement these tools.

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