Why Justin Henry Hired Lars Hedenborg

Justin Henry
(Hickory Creek, TX)
How did you first hear about Lars?

I first heard about Lars through Andrew Altman. I saw his success and how he's built his business to the next level. I am in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and he's in Phoenix. He's really doing a lot of different things that are pretty fantastic.  That's what he was doing differently and he said, "I got connected with Lars." So I decided to do that as well.

Why did you decide to reach out when you did?

I run a small brokerage, I've got two buyer's agents and an assistant.  We do quite a bit of marketing but our systems just weren't to the level I'd like to see them. I feel like we were probably dropping the ball on some aspects of the business: leads, ect..  A lot of the business is still run through me that needed to be automated. People were coming back to me. My assistant was coming back to me asking me questions, things of that nature. An automated system would make it so much easier.

Describe where your business is at right now.

In 2014 we closed 83 sides and we would like to be to 12 sides and increase our price point. Right now we are currently doing anything between 8-14 sides/month, but we would like to get between 16-22.

What are the focal points you hope Lars can address in your business right away?

Well, the first things are going to be getting ourselves in a daily routine that makes sense. Another thing that probably needs tweaking is our listing presentation. Some of the marketing things - we do a lot of marketing. We spend it in different ways, but having another set of eyes and seeing whats most effective and how we are tracking that which is lackluster.

Ultimately trying to figure out what can be effective moving forward in the changing real estate market here in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.  Ultimately I would like to see our vision of how we do business in the form of not only on a day to day operation but how we perceive ourselves on a monthly basis.  Having some consistency, not having one month when were killing it and the next month where we're not. Having that sustainability.

Have you done any real estate coaching in the past?

I have done some real estate coaching in the past, but never in depth like this.  I would do a month or two at a time but this will be the lengthiest one I've ever done.

Why did you feel Lars was the best option for you when it came to real estate coaching?

I would say Lars has one of the best systems it out there. Very in depth, he's obviously very well known. He seems to have a process and ultimately a program that has helped many agents that I'm aware of and know.

What does success with the program look like for you going forward?

Hopefully it will allow me to gain the vision that I am seeing now, which is pulling myself away from going on listing appointments. Having a decent structure in the business to where it allows me to function outside of the business.  So I am able to pursue other investment opportunities, and use the business as a vehicle to go down some other avenues I have interest in.  So in 2 years my hope is to have an established office with 7-10 people and we are doing over 225 transactions and being a staple in the marketplace.

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