B-SCHOOL COACHING CALL: Take Listings At The Right Price Every Time Using This Pricing Strategy


So Andy says, “I guess my question is if you don’t get 100%, absolutely yes, and you’re our man. And we just love you.

It will be some version of, "Yeah, I definitely see how you guys might do things a little different. But obviously, still we’ve got to talk about price and commission, like you said.”

So I’m “Okay, fair enough.” So you probably want to find out if they’re making a decision tonight. If you know they’re not, I still think you don’t go all in and give them actual pricing. I think you give them a range. And it’s probably a range based on what they think the home is worth.

And then I think you coach them on what other agents are going to try to do without any evidence to support it. So they should know that you’ve got your shit together when you leave that house. And you should make it clear that, “Hey listen, I’m not going to lose this listing because another weaker agent comes in and gives you a price that there’s no data for. I’m willing to try a more aggressive price because we have the marketing system and we spend a lot of money on marketing.

“So if you can promise me that you’ll have me come back in and talk through the different options and what you’ve heard. We don’t hold back data, but we give you the right advice to get your property sold.”

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