HIGH PERFORMANCE COACHING CALL: 10X Your Success With Great Daily Habits


So let’s talk about habits. Do you have any daily or weekly habits that you feel are moving you toward living a better life? So give me some examples of good habits. So who’s prospecting every day from 8 to 9:30? Who’s working out at 6 a.m.? Who’s setting aside a good amount of cash every day? Who’s reading their Bible daily if you’re a believer?

Give me some daily or weekly habits that you feel are moving you toward living a better life. Morning ritual. Reading Bible daily. I started, for some reason I have a tough time picking up a Bible. I know I should as a Christian. But I do these Bible plans on my YouVerse app on my phone. And I do a marriage one, a parenting one, and just a general 365 days. I get them delivered at 6, and typically I read them when I get done with my workout. It takes me about 10-15 mins or so, which is pretty cool.

Alright, Matt is all over it. Daily T25 2x running per week. Shawn says review schedule daily, follow daily plan, read something positive for 50 mins. Really, really good.

So give me some habits you always wanted to start or re-start. So what’s fallen off that you know you should be doing?

Bret says T25, meditate twice per day. Those are some good habits. So give me some habits that you wanted to start or re-start. Daily morning walks. Is that something you want to do, Rick?

Night before planning. Quit smoking. I don’t want to be a downer, Bradley. I’m going to say it just for your good. But my dad, man, and I know you know this if you’re a smoker. He is in sever, just awful health right now as a result of a lifetime of smoking. So just replace it with something good.
Daily Bible. Terry said, what I do now, keeping my cash in place, actively seeking community volunteer opportunities, eat healthy, cooking organically.

So Rick was a re-start on the daily morning walks. That’s really cool.

Need to work out daily 20-30 mins Shawn says. Follow prospecting plan daily for 1.5 hours daily. Wake up early, 6 a.m. Shawn, I don’t know if you ha.ve kids yet. 6 a.m. is a late rise in our house.

Re-start night before planning and weekly planning. That’s huge. Even as I’ve gotten out of my real estate business, I thought I would have less of that daily planning going on, but my ability to create content and bring in sales in this business without a daily plan is not good.

Terry says morning walks. Really cool. And she’s had some physical issues. Juice daily. That’s a good one.

The problem with juicing is you buy  like 17 pounds of 3 bags of fruit and vegetables, and you get like one thing of juice out of it.

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