COACHING TIP: The Difference Between Success & Failure is Vision


Alright, so let’s go to the big book here: "Where there is no vision, the people perish." I truly believe this. All of these events that I’ve gone, some more than others, more so out of the real estate industry,  I’ve always created my life in my mind.

And this is probably the hardest thing for some of you hard chargers to get your mind around. And that exercise with the marshmallow is an exercise to start that. But what you create in your mind, it has to start there. And then you lay the plans to get there.

But the outcome is like way more important. There’s a dozen different ways you’re going to get there. Some ways you’re going to try and it doesn’t work. But the outcome doesn’t change.

Just because Lisa is having a tough time recruiting buyer agents, it doesn’t change her outcome of wanting a true business, right? But if you don’t have that out there, it’s like, this is just too hard.

Versus, I’ve got to put this shit together, because 5 years from now, I want to do this. If I don’t put this together the right way – so it keeps you laser focused on what you want. And I don’t think there’s enough of this in the real estate industry. Really thinking at a gut level why the f—would I go through all this pain? Why would I put up with all the stuff we put up with?

Working with clients that, all the crazy comes out in a transaction. Why am I at this home right now where I’m loving on this 15-year old blue carpet. And you’re still building rapport so you can’t tell them it’s total shit. And you’re like, “oh man, this is so hard.”

But having the vision of why you’re doing it at that moment, or why you’re prospecting on a Saturday morning when your family is going out and doing something, as long as you make sure the wife is okay with it.

And those people, I guess The Secret was the first really publicized version of this. Put it out there. The Secret, they leave out the part that you put it out there and then you’ve got to get to work.

When the times are tough, knowing what your life is going to be like gives you that sense of fulfillment, even if you haven’t achieved it. So that’s the one thing. There’s stuff that’s hard that you’re going to do in your business, but if you don’t have that thing that you’re going after, it’s infinitely harder to get through it.

And we’re going to go through the end game of this process to have – and I’ve always had these – literally keep your sheet in front of you. So I’ve got a couple versions of this that we’ll go through. But keep your vision in front of you.

So we’re going to have 6 areas, personal and professional, that we’ll go through very very deep at an emotional level. And my hope for you is that you put it together and memorialize it. So literally keep your vision in front of you.

And it’s just a habit. So there’s like people that habitually see all the shit in the world. And you know that person instantly when you start talking to them. And then there’s people that just generally see the future as being bright. So if you make it a habit to see your future as better than where you are, it’s way better than just being stuck in the mud of real estate.

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