Q&A MEMBERS CALL: What are the Ideal Traits for Support & Operations Roles?


Alright, so Chris talks about the ideal DiSC for listing client care, any specific differences between listing and buying client care personalities?

Now Chris, what I’ve found is that any support person, these are the three structures. So let’s go here. These are the three structures: principal agent, team leader, and corporate model.

So this client care person right here could end up running your operations, being seller or buyer client care. Typically the amount of communication in the beginning, like when you have one admin, you may leverage this one admin to get on the phone with your sellers, to put out fires with existing transactions if they’re licensed. So this may be an exceptional individual.

When you’re looking more at the corporate model, there’s not as much, like we expect our agents to get on the phone with sellers and deal with the weekly calls. And when shit hits the fan, they’re going to be getting on the phone with sellers. So it’s the same basic personality type.

So the only variable, if you really believe the DiSC and they tested accurately, and their work experience backs up what they’ve been able to do in their career professionally, it’s an SC personality type that fits well in admin positions.

So any of these positions – marketing coordinator, seller client care, buyer client care. Over here, you have the same thing. If you’re doing the three different models. And same here.

The only difference here is that this person may be able to get on the phone with other agents and keep deals running while you’re out selling new clients or building the team or recruiting, training those sorts of things. But it’s basically an SC personality type.

You don’t need a bunch of D. D is the biggest wild card in my opinion. The more D's you have on your team, the more headaches, to me. In my mind, there’s only room for one D on a team, and as you get out of being there day to day, you may be able to afford more D's on your team. And then the only other thing is the I, their ability to influence.

And that’s their chattiness, their ability to get on the phone and be engaging with people. But you don’t want too much of that, because they’re taskmasters. So it’s really SC personality type and they’ve been in support and admin roles before. So I don’t see a difference between listing and buyer client care.

Both of them are going to end up being on the phone with agents or their buyers or sellers or whatnot. So they have to have a little bit of that customer service ability. But that’s really about it.

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