COACHING TIP: What are the Top Four Areas of Focus for Your Business?


Alright, so what are the top areas of focus for your business? This is just for your business.

What are your top four areas of focus? If there were only four primary areas of your business that you needed to attack to bridge the gap – the gap from where you’re going to be in the future to where you are right now. Four focus areas.

It’s going to be different for everybody.

For everyone, it’s got to be recruiting. So maybe that’s the fifth, and you’ve got to come up with four on your own.

But recruiting at every stage is critical.

So what would those four areas be? Is it your sales process? Is it conversions? Do your agents consistently give your presentations the right way?

Do you always send stuff out ahead of a listing appointment? Where the person you’re meeting with is pre-sold on your services?

Are you practicing scripts? My team doesn’t do that that well. We should. How can you really help the conversion points?

Is your marketing automated? We pretty much know the full year of what we’re doing in marketing. So it’s not like we’re coming up with stuff on the fly. We’ve got a marketing calendar that’s set for the whole year. And there’s stuff to do to get it done each  month, but it’s not like we’re guessing on what to do each month.

Should we send out this card to the neighborhood? Shouldn’t we?

Lead generation
, so on both sides, do you have consistent leads coming in? The buyer side has sort of become a joke now because there’s all these lead gen platforms, but on the sell side, we’re going to talk about how to generate seller leads.

Do you have to build a team, or shift members of your current team? I had a gal that was with me for 2 years, and it just wasn’t the right person. And it wasn’t an easy thing to do, because I had gotten to know her. She was working with me. When I was still listing homes, she was doing everything besides the listing.

She was reaching out to clients and – integral part of the team. And it just wasn’t the right fit. She had just stuff that was going on in her life that came into the office. So that was a difficult, a necessary ending, but a difficult ending.

In your heart, do you know there’s something like that on your team, where you’re not going to move forward because of a person on your team?

So what four areas of your business if you immediately focused them would make your business immediately thrive?

Even if you’re not doing it, prospecting has to be one of them. Just a constant, consistent focus on new business development. Doesn’t matter who you’re reaching out to. Could be people that already  know, like, and trust you. Could be buyer internet leads, the people that don’t want to hear from you.

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