HIGH PERFORMANCE COACHING CALL: How to Attract Top Performers to Your Team


The goal of the first meeting, it's definitely not a sales pitch. It's really focusing 90% on the recruit. You're talking about either their business if they're in real estate or what they're doing there.

What they like about it, what they don't like about it, what they're making. What their best years have been like, what their worst years have been like, what their frustrations are, what they're really good at.

Goal of the First Meeting

You're just focusing on them. I use this question in all of my strategy sessions. You want to let them know that you are interested in their future. This is something I learned from a coach, and you're talking to them about their future.

You say, "Hey Lisa, if we were sitting here 3 years from today, what would have had to happen for you to feel like you were successful over that 3-year period?" And then just let them talk about what they want from the next 3 years on your team.

Then you're going to talk generally about your team. So that's going to give them what's possible. Then if you have a more seasoned team you can talk about examples on your team.

Like, "John came from the insurance industry. He was making $60-75k. His first year he did this, and this year his goal is to make $200k." So you can talk about specific examples of what it looks like to be three years into your team.

Then you want to kind of talk generally about your team, what you have to offer, your problem of having too many leads, and income opportunities in general.

You want to get them excited. So they talked about their future, you've already talked about the pain of what's not working, their frustrations, and why they want to make a shift.

You do want to be able to show them the back-end of a lead gen platform, a buyer packet, buyer presentation, lead management policies, position agreements, etc. Not that you're going to go through all of them, but you want to have some stuff to add serious legitimacy to the process.

You're not just looking to throw a buyer agent at leads. We've all been there. But you want them to leave that meeting wanting more. So they talk about where they're at, some of their frustrations. They've talked about their vision for three years.

You've talked about "Well we have agents doing that, we can offer this. We have too many leads. Income opportunities are abundant." You definitely showed them that you have a legitimate system that they can step into and they leave that meeting wanting more.

Follow Up After First Meeting

You follow up. Somewhere in the Google Drive, I have an email that explains what the goals are for Year 1, Year 2, Year 3. It's also in that training document, the 30-Day document.

You want to call and follow up. Most agents live in fear, so if they're changing from another brokerage they may not be ready to jump today.

You can follow up with them, just keep them in Top Producer, or keep a reminder somehow to keep following up with them. It's just a pipeline sort of thing. We had a Google Docs at one point where we had a Top 10 Agents that we were following up with, and that worked pretty well.

Then you probably get together with them one more time. You get them into the office and extend the offer. And then you're going to sit down and, just like a listing, you go through the listing agreement.

There are things in the Position Agreement that you may be explaining for the first time, like your splits. Like for me, 10% off the top. I need to do it with them there. If they have an objection, I can handle it right there.

Then you're going to go through the Buyer Lead Mgmt Policy, they've got the Position Agreement, New Agent 30 Day Fast Start. Get them the training program, sign the agreement, and get to work on training.

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