HIGH PERFORMANCE COACHING CALL: Five Benefit Areas of High Performance


These are the five benefit areas of high performance. When we talk about Clarity, go through these worksheets.

Clarity: Who do I want to become as a person, and what do I really want right now in my personal and professional life?

What areas of my lift am I lacking clarity in and why?

What do I feel absolutely certain about in my life right now?

And in terms of Energy: Do I have the physical vibrancy and stamina to accomplish my goals and feel energized about life every day?

What are the major factors causing my current level and how could I improve?

What would I have to start doing and stop doing to experience more energy in my life?

A great example is smoking. Doing that one thing and working out three times, 30 minutes each week and watching your health would obviously have a 180-degree change for you.

In terms of Courage: Where am I stepping up in my life right now?

Where am I backing down in my life right now?

What level of confidence do I have in seeking my dreams, and what would give me even more confidence?

In Productivity: Where am I crushing it in my life right now in terms of getting stuff done effectively and efficiently?

Where am I being sucked into distraction?

What do I need to do in order to be 3x more productive in my personal and professional life?

Then we get into Influence: Do I have the level of influence I desire with my family, friends, coworkers and those I lead?

What areas of my life am I lacking the influence I need to accomplish my goals?

How could I become more influential?

So that’s the first worksheet that you’ll go through. This is a printed out and sit down with a cup of coffee sort of thing and really take this stuff seriously. The ability to think about what’s going good in your life, what’s going not so good, and how you want things to change in the future, that’s probably the most important step. I think it’s 80% of the battle in terms of being able to achieve, or set out to achieve a life on your terms.

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