B-SCHOOL COACHING CALL: How to Organize Your Buyer Client Pipeline


Buyer Client Pipeline Report. This is simply a way for two things to happen:

For your agents to keep their most likely next 16 commission checks in front of them. So they pull this up, they’re filling it out, if they’ve met them, and if they’ve signed a loyalty agreement. If they did, if the paperwork was turned in, if they’re approved for a loan, if they’ve actually been out to view homes with you, if they’re A B or C Buyer, the date they were added to this report.

Then there’s an aging over here so you can see how long these people have been in the system. Date of last showing. You don’t want to leave a showing without another appointment, so the next showing date. Price point. The probability of purchase that they were entered into your CRM. This is BoomTown (BT). Area of interest: I think at one point we got rid of this. Agent or Company Generated really isn’t important either, because when they submit their contract paperwork on that form, they have to let us know where the deal came from. Then Lead Source, and any sort of Notes & Next Steps.

So the only way I think you get rid of this, Commissions Inc. has a labeling system and BoomTown just came out with a labeling system as well. So if you have the ability - and we’re shifting to this, and I’ve mentioned it before - to put tags into your CRM. This one has a tag “Sweet 16” and “Agent SOI,” now we can pull up by agent what their Sweet 16 looks like.

It’s on the one hand from them, to see where their book of business is coming from, and where they’re going to get their next deals from. Also for you to be able to pull up as a team leader, and see if their Sweet 16 is legit. If they have 16 names on here but they haven’t met with 8 of them, the other 8 only 3 have signed, and they’ve only been out to view homes with 1, they don’t have a real book of business. And this what you sit down and kind of go through with them. It’s building a very quality pipeline. We really don’t want C’s on here at all. It’s really just A’s and B+’s. Even B-’s close to 60-90 days we don’t want on this list.

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