Q&A MEMBERS CALL: How to Screen Potential Team Members During the Interview Process


Chris asks, "We have a meeting today with a prospective buyer agent. He scored 99 on both D and I (on the DISC Personality Assessment). I'm a little concerned about the high D score. Anything I can do during the interview to sniff out trouble?"

That's kind of the beauty of those personality tests. You could do it directly. So one way is say, "One thing we look at..." and if you had him send them to you, you could just ask him. Be like, "Hey Chris, did you have a chance to look at the DISC Test and the Values Test that you sent over?"

And if he says no, just explain, "Okay, this kind of what it says. I just want to ask you a little about it. D personalities are very driven, so tell me how that plays out for you. Give me examples of where your drive just kind of takes over."

It's exhausting to have a D on your team. There's nothing wrong with it. I'm not saying that everyone that has a D-personality on their team, if they're really being true to themselves, they speak their mind and they do things the way they want to do things.

Dealing with Different Personality Types

I have a D on my team, and if I was in the office every day, it would be tough for me to be around a D-personality all the time. I'm a D-personality so I know it. It's tough for my wife to deal with me because I'm so driven. I want to start a third business, and I want my kids to succeed. I'm not a hard-charging parent in that regard, but I just kind of have ideas about how I want things to happen. It's exhausting to be around D's.

So just know that if you're a D-personality as a Team Leader, one thing is to know that it's exhausting to be around you. And that helps you deal and interact with your team, but just know that if you hire a true D, it's going to be exhausting to manage them.

That's why the mid-, even a slightly below mid-D, high-I is kind of where you want a buyer agent. Listing agent, you need a little bit more D, but not a lot more D. We find that both of our listing agents now are crushing it. It's not because everything is just selling in our market, our market is pretty strong.

They're just really good about serving their clients and doing their weekly calls, and through service. They have the difficult conversations, but it's after they build up a level of trust. So I would just ask them about specific examples where his high-D personality has maybe helped him, and sometimes maybe it's hurt him.

He or she may give you an example of, "Well, there was this time where I just drove everyone crazy on a project team on college. Because I wanted everything done my way and it had to be done this time." So they may sort of open up a little bit.

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