Differentiate Your Real Estate Business with the VIP Home Buyer System


This is an updated version of my VIP Home Buyer System, and I'll be going through it very quickly and basically just reading off what it says. The law requires that we sit down with buyers and explain how different types of agents work with people, so I've got a presentation here about the different types of agency and how it impacts you.

Basically, there are buyer's agents and seller's agent, and they look the same, but when it comes down to it there are certain things that buyer agents can do for you that listing agents cannot. We've got a different approach to real estate, so as your VIP Buyer Specialist, we're going to do these five things for you (see the page). There is no other team that offers these services the way that we do.

Leveraging Your Specialized Market Knowledge

Every step of the way you're going to benefit from our programs, technology, knowledge, approach, and valuable consumer benefits. You may not go through some of these depending on if you're meeting someone that has purchased 10 homes or if you're meeting a first time home buyer they'll eat this stuff up. Our step two VIP Home Hunter System is where you explain how your system for getting access to homes is infinitely better than all of the static websites up there.

Most agents work this way, we put you in control of the process, and we have specialized market knowledge. We'll be able to do the best job finding the property for you, including closing, negotiating, and presenting. We have a unique team sales approach, and valuable consumer benefits, including a Buyer Cancellation Certificate. We also give you a Home Warranty Protection and also give you a VIP Buyer Satisfaction Certificate

So there's also eight VIP Buyer Benefits, and all we ask for in return is your loyalty. We've also got a Loyalty agreement here, and a Cancellation Guarantee. There's also a page that instructs buyers on what to do when they come across a home like a FSBO or new construction. It will instruct them to tell the person that they are working with a real estate agent, and they should take down their information and set up an appointment with us.

I could probably give this presentation in three or four minutes if I had to, but all you really need to do is read through the document and you should understand it. You're also going to find the paperwork at the end, and the paperwork is pretty easy. People will sign these two documents because one cancels the other one out, so there's really no risk in signing them. 

That was a brief run through of the presentation, but I would suggest that you just run through the words and give some version of that presentation. I can't stress enough how important it is to present your services with people that you're working with. So, with everything we go through, you have to take action on these super simple but powerful tools and strategies. 

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