How to Generate More Quality Seller Leads


Let's get into expired listings and FSBOs.

Direct Mail: We send out 5 postcards from, independent to the letters we send. The first letter would go out from the office the morning after that listing expired in first-class mail. The first one is handwritten, and letters 2-5 go out right in an envelope. We put our address on there, but no company name on the return address. I can't imagine someone not opening a letter that’s unbranded like that.

We will get 20 calls a month off of the letter and 5-6 calls from the postcard. If you're going to do one or the other, do the letters. Use a separate number (Ifbyphone) on your letter and postcard so you can track them.

On the back of the postcard it's just a simple testimonial and a direct call-to-action.

All of my online seller lead generation goes to It's a Ben Kinney seller site and it works really well. My radio, expired, and FSBOs all land on here and can listen to my radio spots and YouTube videos. It's a pretty non-intrusive site, but nicely branded with pictures of me and my family, my marketing plan, our team, and videos. We present our marketing plan and offer free copies to those who fill it out, and we are in the process of adding some more videos of our 29 day guarantee.

This is the site I use to send all of my seller traffic. Most of what we do is branded. I also have a property value site that generates leads, but everything seller-related leads back to my site

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