How to Think Like a Millionaire


Let's go into the Millionaire Mindset. This mindset is not so much about money or the material aspects of money, it's about the mindset you need to become a millionaire. It's true, millionaires are different and they think differently. 

A millionaire's mindset requires that I be open and observant in the moment, future-oriented, challenge seeking, deeply interested in others, self-reliant, creatively driven, and a maker of meaningful moments and memories.

Of these, the one I need to improve the most on in my life is...(blank)...and the way I plan to improve is....For me, as I push out even bigger goals, I want to be deeply interested in others and a maker of meaningful moments and memories. The way I interact with my team, it's really focused on my team and the way that I can help them get there.

The assumptions I'm making in my life and business that are probably holding me back include...(blank) and I'd probably have a breakthrough if I broke these assumptions by thinking or doing these things...

For me it's easier when I study things like '33' and 'The Life of Jesus' and I don't mean for this to come back to it, but it kind of does, and I'm talking about servant leadership. It's different than looking at someone for what they can do for you, it's about figuring out how you can serve a new agent on your team.

Obviously if they're not going to take advantage of training or accept your help, you need to identify the right person, but how could you deeply serve them? And how could you be interested in them and how they serve you? It's a complete game changer if you're willing to think that way. 

A topic or opportunity that I could throw myself into more completely that would give me a positive and magnificent obsession is...

An area of my life that I need to get a new mentor is...the person who I'm going to study or seek out to help me in this area is...As men we struggle with relationships whether it's with team members or even with other men. I think it's just a huge area of struggle.

Time is always an issue. Especially when you're building a team from the initial stages, I think your team always benefits from you being shoulder-to-shoulder with them. There's part of it that's just sit-down training, but you can have them watch you prospect, or watch you work online leads.

You can show them a lot of different things. You have to give them the opportunity for production, and not the promise for production. We present the opportunity for our team members to sell 24, 36, and 48 homes in their first three years, and that should be the opportunity that you present to your future team members.

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