Discovering Your Purpose - Your Personal 'Why?'


Discovering Your Personal Why

Understanding what drives you is the most important factor in the success of your business. Everything about your business starts here. 

Who you are and how you are at work forms the shape and texture of your business, and this is good and bad. Our job is to take you down that path and show you more of the good sides of yourself. More than anything else, you define your business.

If you want a thriving business inside a truly meaningful life, self-awareness is not optional, and this is the thing that most people struggle with. You need a platform to bring your passion out into the world. The cool thing about our businesses is that they are a direct reflection of us. This is good, but it could also be bad. Every decision you make, whether it's to prospect or not, or hiring an employee, will show up in your profit and loss score card at the end of the year. 

Your ability as a leader isn't measured by how well you've got it figured out, but by how open and transparent you are about strengths and weaknesses. 

You Have No Competition

The thing to remember is that who you are and what you're building has no competition. You will instantly separate yourself from your competition by uncovering what truly drives you, and clients will want to feel your passion and care for what you do. 

This is harder for me, and I've come a long way with this in my six or seven years of business. This is what drives a business and you have to share it with your team. The only way you can take that next step is to be open about what you're missing. 

A lot of the things that have to do with building a business actually require you to step out and have faith in what you're doing. 

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