Accountability Systems to Track Your Goals and Increase Productivity


I'm going to go through three versions of accountability. The first one is our Buyer Specialist Weekly Accountability sheet. You have a copy of this in your Google Drive, so follow along if you'd like. On the front we track prospecting and follow-up, and the back side shows appointments that have been set.

My agents are shooting for 30+ dials per day. One mark through the number represents a dial, an X is if they reach someone live, and a circle denotes when an appointment is made. You can easily look through and see what's worked and what hasn't. We use this success track in our weekly buyer agent meetings, and they can easily talk about their progress during the week. It gives a true assessment of what is really going on in your business.

We use the same sort of tool for our ISA's, but this particular form is a daily form, not a weekly one. Our ISA is working in Boomtown mostly, she's answering the phone, and she's responding to leads that come in from our yard signs that we plant. This is all tracked on her daily report, and it also tracks call from our phone burners, the emails she's sending, and appointments that she's setting. 

This other form (Dominate Your Day) is one that Curtis Johnson sent over to me and this is something that I track my daily activities, and weekly, quarterly and annual goals with. On the back there is a daily sheet with a to-do list and an area to take notes on what you did throughout the day.

Using this tool really makes your time worth it; if you focus your efforts and your time in this way, you will achieve 3-4X as many things as you do right now without a goal-tracking system. A lot of people see these forms as huge breakthroughs in their overall productivity.

I highly recommend that everyone use these sheets, as they will change your productivity dramatically. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact me at 

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