How to Utilize Your Sphere of Influence for a High ROI


In terms of helping our agents expand their SOI and their network, we teach our agents and give them tools to grow their database and keep in touch with their SOI. has a monthly training that we go through as a team, and they also have a feature called "Top Slides of the Month." They give you great graphic tools to help you provide the latest stats to your clients. It's a slideshow presentation with audio, and has great info.

We get the .jpg, .pdfs and power point slides all sent to us for subscribing ($20 a month) and you can pretty much find anything you would want to know about the market. Things like resources, home values, interest rates, whatever you can think of. This makes it a no-brainer to be an agent and use these props on social media, as we give access to KCM to our agents.

Our referral cards are another simple, low-cost tool. I was turned on to these after being ambushed by a Cutco sales person. We didn't need knives when she showed up, but $658 later, I owned a bunch of Cutco knives.

She then asked for 20 referrals on a piece of notebook paper, and I loved the idea so much, I had my graphic designer work a design one up for me for referral cards. Anytime we sign a client, put them under contract, or close them, they will get one of these cards. If you implement this tool, you can't help but sell more homes. 

Making it fun to get referrals. We have a referral contest on who can get the most referrals. Basically, it's just encouraging your agents to ask these questions as much as possible. 

"You don't know anyone looking to buy or sell a home, do you?" If you ask that question 5 or 10 times a day, you'd be surprised at what will happen. 

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