How to Create a Culture of Raving Fans


Let’s get after it here. To give some perspective on how I grew my business and when I started really focusing on the client experience, I have to admit it was not within the first three years.

Average vs. Exceptional Service

In the first three years, I was so fast and furious, and so focused on sales that nothing else mattered. I’m not advising everyone to do it that way. I could’ve put some things in place to have a better process in terms of giving a better experience or serving our clients earlier on. We really only started serving our clients in the last three years, meaning we went the first four years without serving our clients which is not good.

I do believe that our industry is going to change at some point. I think it’s an awesome industry because with all these little monopolies in our markets, our MLS boards protect us in such a cool way. They protect the average agent, which makes it so lucrative to be a non-traditional team (the teams that we’re building).

They make it really exciting to be a team because we can operate within that market. There will come a time where you’re going to be a Kmart or T.J. Maxx, or decide if you’re going to be on a Nordstrom. What value do you provide in the transaction, even if it’s just perceived value?

You can buy clothes at T.J. Maxx and you can buy clothes at Nordstrom, but the service you get at Nordstrom and the perception of value is one that people pay for. People pay a lot more for that service.

Our Changing Industry

I do believe our industry is going to change. As more information goes out there, consumers are more demanding. I don’t feel like many of you think about the experience your clients receive from you and your team.

I think a lot of the decisions that everyone in the industry is making revolve around “How can I get more transactions or make it easier on me”, instead of “How can I make it a better experience for my client.”

My opinion is that offshoring inside sales is not a move to improve the client experience. Paying someone $8/hour in the Philippines where English is their second language - I don’t think that’s part of the best client experience possible.

So really spend some time thinking about what you want that experience to be. How are your Buyer Agents equipped when they go out to show homes? Do they have a cooler in their car with cold (non-alcoholic) beverages or snacks? Do they have any toys for kids that come in properties?

What could you do to make the experience memorable for your clients? Is it an average experience where you just get through transactions? I did that for years. Or do you make it truly extraordinary?

It’s all systems-driven. There are things we will implement that will be delivered by people, but a good example is that on every listing appointment we book we send out brownies through send-out cards.

Once we get the appointment notification, it’s tracked on the Listing Appointment Tracker and we send out brownies. They’re around $8, and they’re really good brownies. Then we word the note in a way where either we took the listing, we didn’t get the business, or we’re following up to earn the business. They’re just written in a way that says “Thanks for the opportunity to earn your business.”

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