Self Organization: The Foundation of High-Performance and Productivity


In the last 18 months or so, I've really just been focusing on the impact of what I get involved in. I've always been a limited with what I view in the news and watching sports, using Facebook, etc. I've really been good about that sort of thing, having a clear mind, especially with the Brendon Burchard stuff. One of his five pillars is Psychology and his definition is "the free and clear, consciously-directed mind."

Self Organization, even when I step back - I'm on the third floor of my home - it's a little bit too messy for me right now. It impacts my psychology when I'm not organized in my space. I recently gave up my real estate office, so right now I basically come in with my bag and my laptop and that's how I am at work now. So, for me, simplifying and self-organizing has been critical.

Emyth has an exercise that I went through about time management and organizing yourself. This is one of those total common sense things, but when things get crazy, you need to set time aside to consciously get yourself organized is very important.

Your education probably never effectively taught you how to organize your work space. This is partly why you become your technician, because in the world of Emyth it goes: technician, manager, entrepreneur. And if you're not organizing yourself as a technician, then you cannot move up to the most important role of entrepreneur. 

Overwhelm is not a fact of business. I've consciously and through a lot of work, designed my life in a way where now I'm actually out of email. We've got a system in my coaching company and my real estate company where every request is handled and every question is answer. Nothing goes unnoticed for 24 hours, and even on the weekends I have someone checking my email.

My goal of tripling in size by 2020 - I want to do it by working less than when I work now. I'm only working about 45 days a year as it is now, so overwhelm is not a fact of business, it is in unhealthy way of relating to work that you have been told is normal. 

Multi-tasking is a myth that Technicians cling to in order to feel productive without taking responsibility for getting important things done. There are all these studies and even simple little exercises that prove that multi-tasking is a complete myth. 

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