Test Your Conative Instincts with the KOLBE Assessment


One thing that is very helpful - and I bring it up because it is really valuable for your team - is KOLBE. It measures cumulative ability in the three parts of your brain: cognitive, affective, and conative. Go to KOLBE.com and take the KOLBE A Index. I recommend everyone take it and also have your spouse and significant team members take it.

It gives us an A to A Report. There is Fact Finder, Follow Thru, Quick Start, and Implementor. The typical entrepreneur, and I am a Quick Start  The report is very detailed and helpful and insightful as far as who you are. Cognitive is your intellect and skills, the affective is your feelings, and conative is doing, your striving instincts and your actions. 

DISC is more feelings and personalities, not cognitive. People often mistake it for intellect and skills, but it's really about your feelings - it's more affective. It's a pretty cool test. If you and your wife or a member of your team take the A to A Report, you can compare them to one another.

It's $50, so it's not cheap, but they also have it for youth, which is very cool. The Fact Finder is the instinctive way we gather and share information, Follow Thru is the instinctive way we arrange and design, Quick Start is the instinctive way we deal with risk and Implementor is the instinctive way we handle space and tangibles. 

Comparing Results

I'm a very high Quick Start so I'm very tolerant of risk. Julie has a low Quick Start and a high Fact Finder, so she wants to dig in and gather a bunch of information and gather a lot of analysis before jumping into something. So where she's high, I'm low, and vice versa. Fact Finder says the worst mistake you can make is expect Julie to be able to read your mind.

I make this mistake with not only Julie, but my team. It says the worst mistake you can make is giving Julie deadlines because you need them to help you thrive. Assuming Julie is creating a comprehensive plan, delegating tangible tasks to Julie are both good things to do.

This is a really cool analysis and tool. The thing about the conative, the actions and the doing instincts, is they are factory installed. For the most part, you can be aware of them, but you really can't change them. I'm aware of my Quick Start as I'm very comfortable with risk and uncertainty, but I also know that a lot of my staff is not.

So, it's important that I temper my Quick Start and make sure I let my team know why things might change, and those sorts of things. This is a really, really valuable team and I suggest that you and a few members of this team take the test. It will uncover how you do and how you strive, and how your actions get results!

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