Cultivate Success with Agent-Centered One-On-One Meetings


If any of you are consulting clients of mine, you've probably seen a copy of this in your Google Drive. We like to go over these monthly with our agents, and we use them more frequently when we bring them on. 

So, every time our agents meet, they go through a 30-, 60-, and 90-day conversation about their goals, outcomes, and dreams. All of this is recorded and that is what we discuss in their one-on-one meeting. They then speak about any insights they have that might be helpful.

They also do a 10-point positive focus where you write down ten excellent things that have happened in between meetings. We also like to speak about insights that people have gained from working with us, whether it's about prospecting or call reluctance. 

This is a simple tool that works really well, but I highly recommend this if you have a team and you're doing one-on-one meetings with them. This gets both of you focused, and it makes your time as valuable as possible.

Consistent Meetings

We also do a monthly meeting with our more seasoned, senior agents. This helps agents focus on what's working and what is not working, and what they need help with moving forward. As the rainmaker on your team, it's important to show them how you can help them succeed. One thing I made the mistake of doing as a sales manager was doing these meetings by myself. I would ask these people what they had done for the team, and not for themselves. There was never much of a human element to it. 

Looking back on it, I wish I had spoken with them more about their personal challenges, and what the team could do to help them hit their goals. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that you have to be aware of, so allow them to talk to you on a personal level. Your ability to dig a layer deeper will allow for much more loyalty in the future.

It's also important that these meetings are consistent - and they might be a little awkward at first - but there is not better way to show that you care than doing these types of meetings. It's challenging to do when you're producing, but you need to make sure your agents are getting what they need from you to be successful.

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