Four Must-Have Marketing Technology Tools for Your Business


Hopefully most of you know about these tools, but I think a lot of you aren't implementing them in your business.

Real Estate CRM
I've on-boarded a few clients that I've kind of picked on, and I don't use Commissions Inc. but I still think it's a good platform. Top Producer is the CRM that I've used forever, and some people like to pick on it but I do think it is the best CRM out there. I don't know of any better platforms out there, but I think the key is to pick one and stick with it. A CRM has to be able to manage your listings, manage your closings, be your database, and assist you with seller lead management. Market snapshots are also integrated into top producer, so that's what we use.

Direct Response Websites
I use BoomTown right now and Real Launch is the other website. Our Real Launch site is working very well, although I don't know how I feel about the company. However, I've heard other people say that when they launched it went pretty easily. They were honoring the pricing that I got, which was $1,000 for setup and then $49 per month, but they've doubled their pricing on both of those. This has gotten me 88 calls in the last 60 days, which is more than any of my other lead generation sources.

Google Apps for Work
Everyone on your team has to have a corporate image, and one of our team members is in the process of changing the name of her business, and that can be a major pain. I know it was when I tried to do it. We changed our domain from to I do firmly believe in having your name in your team name. This App gives you integrated calendars, shared documents, email, and a host of other things.

Call Tracking / Routing
Dialog Tech is the company that we use, and I'm sure there are others out there that do this, but we couldn't run our business without this level of tracking for all of our calls.

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