What are the Best Places to Recruit New Agents?


Let's go through the best sources of agent recruits. For most of you , it's firming up the buyer side of your business. As you look to get yourself out of production, you are filling up the buy side. Ideally, you want someone from the buy side who knows your culture to come over to the listing side.

We have had 2 of our buyer agents leave in the last 12 months, but our company didn't skip a beat. All the training was systems driven and didn't hurt the team by having people leave.

We run a real estate blog through Vyral Marketing. They extend recruiting blogs for clients of mine, and will basically run two blogs for you. One is a blog for real estate referrals, the other is for business and recruiting. Every once in a while we will make a direct offer on here. If you're a Vyral client, ask them about the recruiting blog.

Ziprecruiter.com is a site that will post your job positing to a bunch of different sites, including Linkedin, Monster.com, Glassdoor, and others. I have clients that have used this with good success.

We do monthly calls to vendors, putting them on the spot to give us 2 names of agents to join our team.

Once you get these things going , it doesn't take much effort to keep it going. You can never stop pumping the well.

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