How to Use Scripts to Start a Productive Dialogue


Today, I break down the fundamentals of what you need to accomplish on a call with a buyer. Depending on the source of the call, you need some kind of introduction and you need to get through it in one breathe. 

If you're outbound dialing older leads or yard sign calls that weren't handled properly, you don't want to call and say, "Hey this is Lars, how are you going today?" You want to say, "Hi, this is Lars with RE/MAX. I noticed you called about a property on 123 Main St. the other day, and I wanted to make sure you found all the information you need. Are you planning on making a move any time soon?" 

One breath, no pause, no chance for them to realize it's a telemarketing-type situation. You also want to make sure you do it in a friendly tonality. Get to that one question before they have a chance to deny you. It will disarm them a bit and will lead to a productive conversation.

Instead of saying, "No, I'm not interested," they will likely say something like, "Actually, yeah, I am planning on moving sometime this year." Then you respond, "I noticed that 123 Main St. is on the South side of town, is that the only are you're looking in?" After the disarming introduction, you knock out the location! 

Next, you mention that the property they've expressed interest in is listed for, say, $250,000. You can then ask, "Is that the price range you're looking in?" You can follow that question up with one about their lending situation: "Have you taken the time to meet with a lender to find out what your payments might be? What can you afford? Do you rent or own your current home?" By asking these questions, you can quickly figure out their financial situation and whether they need to sell their current home before they buy another one. 

Once you've made it this far, you need to find out whether they're working with another agent. You can do this without asking directly: "As you're looking for properties now, how are you finding them? Are you going online, just driving around, or what?" A lot of people are driving around and calling up listing agents they see listed on signs. At this point they'll open up a bit and give you the answer you're looking for.

This is not rocket science. At the end this conversation, you need to make them some kind of offer, and there are a few different ways to do it. With internet buyers it's a little different because part of your call can be a customer service-type call where you can show them a few features of the website and it's less threatening.

Part of the offer is going to be something like, "You know after talking to you, I think it would make sense to sit down for 15-20 minutes and go over the buying process." You can also offer to put them on a VIP-type list where they will get special access to new and unlisted homes. Adding this free incentive to meet with you might help to put them over the edge.

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