How to Handle a Deal From Contract to Closing


Here's a document that I slipped in here without really making a big deal of it. It's called Buyer C2C Duties.pdf.

This goes through what we do to close a file out. We definitely deliver a high level of service here, and there is a clear distinction of roles: the buyer agent manages the relationship, and the buyer closing coordinator handles buyer closings.

This document is what our buyer closing coordinator is responsible for. It's very checklist-driven. She's very available, and works all 7 days/week. If things hit the fan, the buyer agent is on with the buyer and maintaining a good relationship. That's why they get paid more, and that's why there's more hours involved in taking buyer through to closing. We make sure we have buyers on our team that are interested in getting a 10/10 when all is said and done.

If an inside sales person is involved, it's not for a year or 18 months where the buyer unknowingly gets set up with a buyer agent. It's typically, "I'm just here to answer your questions, make sure you find your way around the site, and set up a showing time for an open house, etc." When the time is right, they will be set up with a buyer agent.

On the listing side, we do have someone taking calls coming in, who is an assistant to the listing partners. They come out talking about the 29 Days or Guaranteed Sale program, but typically once the appointment is set, our listing agents pick up the phone and reach them right away.

Our listing client care coordinator is responsible for many things, including the equity valuation and keeping in touch with the seller as well.

In our listing packet, the New Listing Intake form must be filled out an giving to our listing assistant, who will set everything up to get the home on the market. We make sure we talk to them every Monday, in addition to a monthly market review and price evaluation.

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