How to Manage Your Time With an Intentional Plan of Action


I did a longer presentation of time management in one of my monthly webinars, but here I want to boil it down to the things you have to do if you're going to make the shift from producer to owner. You have to make serious decisions and be aware of how you use your time everyday.

The first thing is to plan your day in advance. Your morning ritual should include time to plan out your day in detail so there are limited surprises, and build in a buffer for deal and office work, but don't let it take over.

There is a book called "The Morning Miracle" that I see all over Facebook. I'm not talking about that so much, as much as 5-10 minutes where you are planning your day. Before you open email or even think about getting into others decisions, this is where you are taking out time to visualize your day and decide what has to happen for you to move forward and improve your life and reach your goals.

Working with an intentional plan of action is the only way to avoid getting caught up in reactive mode, constantly putting out fires. Especially if you're in the transaction environment and doing deals, you have to be able to pull yourself out of reactive mode and be proactive. You will have built in times during your day where you can put out those fires, but it has to be a deliberate, intentional way.

In "The Ultimate Sales Machine," they talk about the Top 6 things you should be planning out every day. Your plan should include your "Top 6" things that must get done no matter what. This is pretty much whatever you are doing everyday in your morning ritual. Maybe you are working on prospecting, systems work, marketing pieces, or networking.

Here's the thing I do know: If your business and life aren't what you want, it means you are consistently making choices with your time that don't support your goals and dreams. The choices agents make today, and for the next 90 days, their business is going to be a direct reflection of those choices.

If you have a goal of selling 12 houses a quarter and don't prospect at all in the 3rd quarter, the 4th quarter is going to be crap.

If you're making choices consistently that don't support your goals and dreams, that’s where the disconnect is. It's all about time management and productivity. 

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