Powerful Appointment Tracking Tools to Grow a Better Business


Let's get into the tracking and reporting side of things on the listing and buying sides on how you can make this painless and fun. There's only a certain amount of pain that you can take away from this stuff, so I'll try to make it less painful.

Over the last few years I've worked hard to put very simple tracking tools in place to make sure we know what's happening from lead to appointment and so forth. Even some clients of mine have done a great job centralizing all of these things, but ultimately these simple tools that I'm showing you will be everything that you need to take your business as far as you can go.

On the buyer side we'll go through the Buyer Appointment Tracker, Buyer Client Pipeline Report, and the Weekly Success Tracker. We use a simple tracker and a calendar in Google Docs for our Buyer Appointment Tracker. Every time one of our buyer agents books an appointment they're required to log the appointment and fill out the given forms. After filling out detailed information about the buyer, they submit the form and it appears right inside of the spreadsheet. It's very simple.

You can set appointments for yourself or other people, but either way you have a record of it happening. We also leave in a space to take notes after the appointment in order to track what happened and keep up with the progress of the buyer. 

We use the same basic system for our listing side, and it makes everything much more organized for us. I realize this is something that nobody wants to do, but it's crucial for tracking your business.

This lets you know when opportunities are being missed, and it also lets you know when opportunities are arising. It helps us see what we're doing well and what we can get better at, which allows us to do better business.

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  1. you should consider using http://www.smartsheet.com for this .. has a bit more functionality