Understanding the Mindset Required to Exit Production


Today, I cover your biggest challenge: the mindset required to exit production. It's a mindset shift, rather than mechanics, required to exit production.

My pastor gave a sermon on the topic "You're Not That Important," and it really stuck with me and I began to apply it in terms of business.

It really is a hard pill to swallow, but it's true - nobody cares about you, just results. Your friends, clients, past clients, buyers - you name it - none of them care specifically about you. Even your most highly branded referrals from past clients or repeat clients only care about results, they don't necessarily care about you.

You don't need necessarily have to be the one who goes to their home to give a listing presentation, fill out paperwork, go through an equity evaluation, or negotiate on their behalf. They just have to know that you have the best system in place to do that with the best people in place to run that system.

I don't have a big ego, but many in the industry do. Letting go of your ego is easy to do once you think about what's on the other side. Once you get a feel of life without having to work with clients, you'll wonder why you didn't get out of production sooner. Remember, your ability to take listings is skill and process driven, not personality driven!

Every listing is taken by me, I'm still the "personality" behind the scenes, but not the delivery vehicle. We have action plans for every single step of the real estate process so that every transaction is held to the same high standard. It's a prescription we have set up to ensure success regardless of who happen to be delivery service.

Clients get a standard of service that I've set up with systems through Top Producer, and we use a "seller consultation" form and pre-listing materials to eliminate variables. I then track my listing business using Listing Appointment Tracker and LIBS.

To put these things in place and step outside of your business, you need to adopt the mindset that trusts in these systems and processes. 

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