Follow These 3 Steps to Create Raving Fans


This is the type of topic that is common sense but not common practice. If I sat down every one of you and asked if world-class experience was important, every one of you would say yes. However, when it came down to it, I bet less than a quarter of us are actually doing it.

Step 1: Decide What You Want

The first step in creating raving fans is deciding what you want to provide to your customers and "…create a vision of perfection centered on the customer."

On the listing side, what would be the perfect client experience? I'll use an example of in-office listing appointments. I am going to argue that it's not a vision of perfection centered on the customer. In that scenario, most of the people doing it are doing it because it's easier for them, not because it’s a better experience for their potential seller clients.

Imagine you are the customer and identify every detail of what would make a 'raving fan' experience for you. Think about what would make a buyer consultation great. You could have their name on a parking spot, or on a sign. You could have a menu of drinks or snacks for them. AS you come in, how do you greet them? How do you go into the presentation?

I don't think this stuff is done very often in real estate. It's the next level for my team. Maybe some agents do this naturally, but they haven't made it a system-wide thing.

For each type of customer, or type of product or service, put yourself in the shoes of the customer from the moment you make contact with the company to delivery of the product or service, and beyond.

What type of experience can you envision changing a customer into a raving fan? So you are taking a total stranger, and from the time they interact with your company all the way to close, how can you change them into a raving fan?

Step 2: Discover What The Customer Wants

Next, a company must understand its customers' vision in the context of the company's vision. To do this, it is important to first understand who the customer is. The customer is not only the end user of your product or service, but every single person or business in-between. That includes vendors, attorneys, and lenders.

A customer is anyone who may come into contact with any aspect of your business. It also includes potential recruits and new employees. You better make sure your agents are raving fans first, which is critically important to me as I look to triple my business in the next 3-5 years.

In order to find out the vision, you may need to read between the lines. Listen to what your customers are saying, and listen to what they are not saying. The two visions must be compared to identify gaps or differences. WE want to be that 5-star restaurant, not a fast-food restaurant. I don't want to be a discounter. That's not what I coach.

Step 3: Deliver Plus One

The third step is short for "Deliver the Vision Plus One Percent," and may be the most difficult of the three guidelines to implement. To create raving fans, a company must deliver-to every customer- what was promised consistently: every time, every day. Promise and deliver.

This level of consistency requires systems, processes, training, and an ability to change course if it means better service to customers. Once consistency is established, a company should continue to focus on improvement.

That should be a foundation value of your company, making it better. The "Plus One Percent" of the guideline is a way to center a company on continuous improvement of its vision.

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