Set Expectations to Increase Productivity and Morale for Your Team


I'm going to quickly go through setting team/agent goals and and tracking ongoing performance. I've made this part pretty simple, and I'll just be going through the expectations of our sales team.

We do have minimum requirements and standards, and we DO enforce them. We continuously try to improve our standards, just like a winning team is always trying to get better.

We sign position contracts every year and discuss our concerns. Agents may want to talk about compensation, or splits, and I talk to the agents very openly about all of this.

We also don't play favorites here; whoever works the hardest will take home the most. I feel like this is fair, and it incentivizes people to continue to work harder. We call this 'Feed the hungry'.

For the most part, my team embraces accountability as the basis for opportunity. Accountability is the only thing that will bring us to excellence.

Bottom line, I want the activities that my agents are doing to lead to results. At the end of the day what really matters to our team is the leader board. All of our agents can see how they're doing, and when they see what other people are doing, it makes them hungry to do more.

While we value hard work, we're also careful not to overwork ourselves, so I've come up with a few ways to make real estate fun.

If you see the screen, we have big glass cylinders full of rocks. One of my agents had a goal to sell 65 homes this year, so he grabbed 65 orange rocks, and whenever he sells a home, he gets to drop a rock.

We also do sales and referral contests, and we give away interesting prizes such as hiring a cleaning lady to come to the home of the winner. Another time we gave away $100 to spend at Southpark for the winner of a referral contest.

Every meeting I also give away a $10 Starbucks card for whoever can guess the name of a song that I play. There's no real reason, but I just think it's fun. We also do quarterly happy hours, and we have a Christmas party at a hotel with food and drinks.

At this time of year I also do discretionary gifts. I'd like to surprise my top producer with a paid vacation, or with something that they've been wanting to do for a long time. I'm going to take one of my agents on a mission trip to Nicaragua. I'll also pay out cash bonuses, but we just try to keep it fun around here.

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