Sell Your Services to Clients Before Stepping in their Homes


Once your listing appointment is booked, send out your pre-list packet. If you're a Top Producer user, which I believe everyone should be, then we have an Action Plan that we launch in Top Producer that you can use as guidance. You should have a consistent way that you prep for appointments. You can take a look at this, but basically it outlines the different tasks, calls, and emails that happen when we book appointments. 

So we launch this plan and people know about it because it goes out to a group email address. About 4 or 5 people in the office know about it, including the Listing Specialist that was assigned to it. It goes into the Google Calendar, and you should have a listing appointment calendar. Everyone has access to this calendar, so everyone knows when these appointments are happening.

What to Include in Your Pre-List Packet

If you're not going on the listing appointments yourself, then your pre-list packet should include a cover letter, marketing synopses of your team, and an explanation of your home selling system. At this point, it should be highly branded and you shouldn't be shy about marketing yourself. The sole purpose is to pre-sell your services so that they're ready to sell before you step in the home.

Recently we had 2 properties in the million-dollar range. My agent came in and had our pre-list packets spread out on the table, and the owners stopped him from giving the listing presentation because they had read through the material and they were ready to go. 

In your Google Drive you have access to the cover letter that we send out - and I've been using different versions - but this 151 Step System to get your home sold fast and for top dollar is the one I have now. I didn't create this myself, but I had my graphics guy customize it for me.

We also have the Maximum Payoff Guide for sellers. I've had this for years and I've been adding to it and making it my own. The more things that you put in the packet, the better. If you have something that works now, there's no need to convert. The main point is to just have this system in place. 

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