Generate Top Quality Seller Leads By Leveraging Your Buyer Business


Let's get into working your Buyer Leads to create Listing Leads.

It's really all about asking the right question. As part of your script, you really need to have in there, "So tell me Mr. Buyer, the home you live in now, do you own it or rent? You own it, so will you be looking to sell before you buy? Well here's what we can do..."

"We can put together an equity valuation of your property and give you tips on how to sell for the highest price as quickly as possible. We can also talk about what not to do. We can also go through and get you set up to look at properties."

So it will shift your conversation in the way that you set up the appointment, but you have to ask everyone that question on the phone - "Do you own it or rent it?"

The Buyer Consultation form, located in B-School Module 2, will help you handle that.

Yard Sign Calls

There will be nosey neighbors that will call in, but get them talking and offer them a market snapshot. Build out your pipeline of people that know about you. You never know if they know someone who is looking to sell and can refer you business.

Using Your Current Database

Blast out to your active buyer database an online home evaluation offer. Frank at Vyral Marketing put out an email called "Magical Home Seller Lead Generation." This is one way to generate seller leads. These are leads that are looking on your website for homes to purchase.

It's not that you're doing pay-per-click traffic or doing Facebook ads to your home eval website, because I don't necessarily agree that it's the best way to generate leads, but you need some kind of free home eval tool to use.

If you go to, the Magical Seller Lead Generation email is on a blog post from March 2014 [Update: there is also a Summer 2015 version]. Copy the email and customize it for your market; it will generate pretty good quality leads for you. Just make sure you have the staff in place to manage them properly.

People that are searching for homes that respond to an offer to get the value of their current home is a much stronger lead than someone just searching on Facebook. It's imperative that use a trackable phone number with this method.

Buyer SOLD Sign Program

These are buyers of yours that close on a property, you get them to agree to put up a sold sign in their yard for two weeks after closing. So it's just the cost of labor.

We don't typically do this on our listings, because we still want buyers to call our listings, but we're going to start using a trackable number on our Buyer Sold Signs and generate seller leads this way.

It's obviously a lower volume type thing, but it's going to get you much more Sold signs around town. It's very low cost and easily trackable.

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