Win the Best Recruits With Your Own Recruiting Website


Let's talk about Recruiting.

I put together a simple recruiting website. It should talk about:

  • The benefits of working on your team
  • Speak to what is possible if the recruit joins your team
  • Talk about who the ideal candidate would be for each position
  • In a perfect world, it would give them valuable free information (like my Vyral recruiting blog)
  • It would give the recruit specific instructions on how to proceed with the process
Let's check out The Lars Group recruiting page.

If you want to model yours after ours, you can pull it up. I don't want to confuse everybody and have you run out and get this website, because this can sit on any website anywhere.

You can go out and get a Weebly, which is a free website builder. The point is to make sure you have a web strategy that doesn't involve a bunch of different websites that you don't use.

You can figure out a catchy headline and custom copy for your market; it's pretty self-explanatory. There are also links here to Tony Robbins' DISC Assessment, and we just ask them to email their DISC and Values test results to our recruiting email.

Then we have a Google Form for our online application. We are able to call back people for short interviews based on these questions.

That's our entire recruiting page, and we ask them to email their cover letter and resume along with these results. It's all about setting up a system so everyone goes through the same process.

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