Leveraging Systems and Tools to Find, Cultivate, and Convert Leads


The third point of leverage is People and Systems. There is a buyer system and a listing system, so there are a few tools you must employ on each of those.

I'll cover the buyer system real quick, and lead generation has not been an issue for us because we use Boomtown pay-per-click and Craigslist, as well as Zillow. Lead conversion is all about scripts and dialogues and the activity of actually making the calls.

According to the I Love Marketing podcast with Joe Polish and Dean Jackson, 15% of online leads transact in 90 days from the time they registered, and the other 85% are 90+ days.

Lead management is critically important for real estate, and I've been working with Frank Klesitz at Vyral Marketing to create an email drip campaign that is content-based to help us convert more of those buyers. Then there is also buyer presentation, buyer loyalty agreement, and buyer client servicing, but none of this should be a surprise if you're running these systems.

In terms of the seller system, we've already covered lead generation and lead conversion. Having a listing process is a great idea if you want to improve your listing success rate. I recommend establishing some authority with a pre-listing packet.

I think we beat this one down pretty good in a Facebook thread in relation to listing materials. It doesn't matter what you send, just send some things regularly. We send a cover letter, a Max Payoff Guide, a 151-step Marketing plan, a resume, and a pricing guide.

When it comes to seller client servicing, we have another Facebook thread on this one. Daniel Beer was talking about how important it was to communicate with clients before you've signed them.

Monthly market reviews are also important every 30 days. We've been good at this lately because we pull up our listing inventory balance sheet and reverse sort to 'active' and sort by days on market so we know which homes have been sitting for how long. Homes sitting for 45 days turn yellow, and homes over 90 days turn red. We will then call them and beat them over the head in order to get a price reduction.

All that really matters when you're selling a home is the price. It could be the condition, but it is most likely the price.

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