The 7 Key Marketing Pillars to Drive Growth Through the Roof


I'm not going to go through the different pillars. I've used Boomtown forever and our conversion rates are actually pretty high now. This is mostly because I've added agents and decreased our lead flow.

Between Boomtown and Zillow I think we had 41 written sides with 28 on Boomtown alone. I think we generate close to 175 leads per month just from Boomtown pay-per-click. Our conversion rates are pretty good right now.

This is an opportunity for everyone because our conversion rates were at 1% for a while, but that was because we were generating too many leads. 

Yard marketing is another pillar and I've already covered it, but we use and we also use a rider, which is the fact that if you buy this home we will sell yours for free. We also have a main RE/MAX yard sign, and an everyday open house. 

Expired and FSBO's are the third pillar. We run our direct mail out of RedX, and those are hand-written letters. This is about as old school as you'll get. 

There is also the Raving Fan Club. We do referral cards, and we also use a CutCo salesperson. We also try to make it fun for people to get referrals with our Go For No! Contests. The referral cards can come in handy because it's just a card asking for business. They make it a lot easier. 

I use radio as well, and I use RATE for this and I know a lot of other people are having success with this if they're using it on their own. I don't want to tell everyone to go out and do radio, but radio did take me from 15-20 listings to about 100. However, there is a wide reach with radio, so be prepared to service a large area. The return is anywhere from 4X to 7X, and I'm happy with both of those. 

The only thing that I have to say about farming is that you have to be careful with it. I'm testing a different way to farm because I'm going independent, so I'll be going to five offices around Greater Charlotte and it's going to be cool to go into those areas and do effective farming. People who succeed with farming often go very local with it.

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