The 4 Ways to Grow Your Real Estate Business


Tony Robbins has Seven Forces of Business Mastery and I just want to go through them, especially the raving fans part, because that's where I think a lot of you are missing out. 
  1. Create an Effective Business Map: This is part of the 4 ways to grow a business. This is a document that is in your drive under business ownership. This is part of an exercise from Jay Abraham's book. Most people think that the only way to grow your business is by increasing the sides that you have, but this isn't necessarily true. You have to..
    1. Increase the number of clients you serve,
    2. Increase your average sale price,
    3. Increase the commission rate you charge, and
    4. Increase the frequency in which your clients buy homes. You can increase your business by 72% in one year by focusing on these things and not just the sides that you're doing.

  2. Constant Strategic Innovation: The industry is changing, so how will you respond? Running and building a team is the answer, and that's why you're all here.

  3. CANI of World Class Marketing: It's all about marketing. You have to out-market your competition. Check out what Kris Lindahl is doing on Facebook. He is becoming a world-class real estate Facebook marketer. He's had a lot of success with that.

  4. CANI of Sales Mastery Systems: There is a pipeline that you need to manage. Think of your business as leads come in. You need to massage these leads with calling and texting, and also through email and content marketing. You need to secure those relationships into appointments, and then turn those into contracts and get them to closing and ask for referrals.

  5. Constant Anticipation: There is going to be a version 2.0 of the business tracker, and we're going to have access to. It includes an appointment tracking element to it, so every appointment that is set, we track the lead source and conversion rate. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to know your numbers and implement the business tracker.

  6. Constant Optimization and Maximization: This is the job of the leader, and that's from a people and culture standpoint, but also a process and execution standpoint. Tomorrow is going to be a difficult day because I have to release someone from the team who doesn't fit the culture despite being a top producer.

  7. Constantly Create Raving Fans and Culture: Your goal has to be world class service with this. 

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