How to Win Over Sellers With a Killer Listing Presentation


This is where you have to be a complete standout in the terms of the marketing and services that you provide. You have a copy of the presentation that we're currently using. The one we're suing here is a modified version of the one that Bob Sank uses with his team. It's not so much that you have to use my presentation, it's the elements within the presentation that are important.

If you go into your listing system folder and then the listing appointment and click on the Lars Group Presentation you'll find a copy of this presentation. It's very branded for our team, but I'm going to post a link in the member portal that will go through this slide-by-slide.

It basically reads the way that you go through it, so there's no magic in this. There's some lead-in here on the mission of our team, and how the industry is just stuck and broken. In it we say that we have the solutions to the most common problems, and ultimately we guarantee that we have a team of agents working in your best interests, which results in a quick and profitable home sale.

Three elements that you must cover in the presentation are the pricing strategy, the condition and show-ability, and your aggressive marketing plan. You can look at all of these points in the slides. In regards to the marketing plan, I think the best thing that you can say is that 90% of any great marketing plan is pricing the home in the right range.

After you get through those three points, you want to tell the potential client about the special things that you can do for them. You can go into your guaranteed sale program, your buyer database, your pre-inspection and home warranty plan, etc. This is your chance to list off everything that you do to provide the customer with a top-tier experience.

Ultimately, our listing agreement doesn't cover how to fire us. Most agents are going to trap you, but we will let you out of the contract.

You don't have to use this presentation because you may not have a team, but you must cover these three elements. I think you should organize your presentation around those three elements.

Listing appointment documents should be in your Dropbox. You'll need these after the seller says yes. Assuming you can agree on a pricing strategy and commission structure, you have to ask them if they're ready to move forward with you handling the sale of their home. You want to get their buy-in to that question, so that's a very important transition.

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