Maximize Your Listing Appointment Conversions With The Listing Appointment Tracker


On our listing lead tracking side, most of the stats that we get are through ifByPhone. The Listing Appointment Tracker I've already shown you, but I'll show it again.

The process here is slightly different than on the buy side because this is not a form, this is a spreadsheet. When we get a listing appointment set up, we send that information to a special email address in Google, and that will go out to 4 or 5 different people. Our listing client coordinator then logs the appointment. Once a staff member knows what is happening, they send out a pre-listing package, they take the green sheet, the seller info sheet (which you have access to already, and they basically fill in all of this information.

They use that information as the basis for what they go over in the listing meeting every week. This allows me to see exactly how many listings we're getting from radio, at what price points they're in, the commission rates, transaction fees, and more. I can go in and look at what my agents have done and how they're doing on their commission rates and transaction fees. It's an easy way for me to monitor what's going on in the listing side.

You should definitely track every appointment and make sure a pre-listing package goes out with every appointment. Pre-selling your services is critical.

There is also the listing inventory review, which is a combination of the listing inventory balance sheet and top producer, so we know how many leads come in and we have a listing appointment tracker and a listing review and then we close them out in top producer.

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