Welcome New Client Janice Rosenberg

How did you first hear about Lars?
Tina Caul referred me.

Why did you decide to reach out when you did?

Janice Rosenberg
(Raleigh, NC)
I've been in coaching a long time, but I know there are things I need help on including technology. You guys seem to be very "on it" with technology, so I thought I could benefit. I'm one of those people that listen when people tell me to do things, so I feel I'm pretty coachable.

How is your business doing right now?

We hit $1.1M last year, and I would like to exceed that. My long-term goal is 200 closings. I have a very good team, but I also have struggles in the set up of the team and I think you guys could help with that.

Why did you feel that Lars was the best option for you?
As soon as I went on the website, I liked what I saw and I signed up right away. Then I started getting the newsletters with really good solid information. That's how I work with my clients - I like to give information so they can benefit, and when you take care of people, they'll refer more people to you.

What does success with this program look like to you?

Having better systems in place so my team runs more smoothly, and getting myself working three days a week.

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