Leveraging Team Planning Sessions to Empower Your Agents and Get Yourself Away from Production


We usually do team planning sessions twice per year, but this year we're only going to do it once. We like to get out of the office when we do this, and instead of calling it a 'retreat', we call it an 'advance'. It's a corny play on words but it helps to clarify what we want out of the session.

This is really supposed to help my team members get away from the daily grind and focus on the bigger picture. We went through a workbook once that outlined the five major dysfunctions of a team, we've also read Leader Without a Title, we've done exercises from Tony Robbins, we've done group exercises, and we also just practice a lot of open communication in a group. I let my agents speak their mind, and they get to ask me absolutely anything.

A lot of teams don't do this kind of thing, but I think it's very important because it allows you to find out how to serve your team members in the best possible way. When they can have the opportunity to grow and learn, you will then have the opportunity to step away from production.

To give you an idea of how we structure the day, I'll let you see what we did at the last team session. I usually incorporate a workbook in there to go along with the agenda. We usually do an introduction, then we have an ice breaker, followed by a business discussion. We'll take a break and then have another exercise or discussion. If you look at the schedule you can see that it's pretty regimented, and I usually try to stick to the schedule as closely as possible.

I'll also include a workbook to make the whole session seem more legitimate and also so that my agents are engaged in the things that we're talking about. We use a lot of exercises from Tony Robbins, but one of my favorites is The Traveler's Gift.

Hopefully this has been valuable for you. I think a little time spent away from the business can improve your team greatly, no matter how busy you may be.

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