Are You Part of the Problem in Your Business?


So, your business isn't going exactly as you hoped it would. What's the deal? Are you part of the problem?

When I was preparing this section especially, I realized that so much of it rings true with me. It's about just taking a real look at where you're at. Don't come out of this thinking your business doesn't stand a chance because you're myopic or disassociative, or any of those technical terms.

This is not a diagnosis that you're going to die from; it's simply identifying some shadows that exist in your business. The key is to work on one thing at a time to start turning things around!

Here's a tough pill to swallow: your business is an expression of you, of what you care about and what you don't care enough about, your values, your courage and fears, and your experiences. This can be hard to accept, but it's very exciting and is a huge responsibility - every choice you make has a bigger impact than anyone else's in your business.

It is also crucial to realize that your team has agreed to work for you and take your lead, so they constantly look to you for direction, guidance, and approval. Also, it's crucial to recognize that if you are disorganized, your business will tend to be disorganized; if you are afraid to let go, your team will avoid taking responsibility; and if you are an idea generator (or squirrel chaser), then your team might be cynical about change.

The concept of Shadow & Light has a lot to do with the fact that if you never look inward, there's not a good chance you will break through. It's important to remember that there is hope: the complexities of business difficulty and unique individuals and situations can be synthesized in a way that simplifies diagnosis of and solution to problems.

You have the power to transform your business by being aware of your predominant "them" - so you can grow, develop, and change in the most productive ways.

Dysfunctional Business Themes (DBTs) focus on the shadow side of leadership - your weaknesses, distorted belief and assumptions, and ineffective patterns. By putting a light on your shadows, you will make more room for your strengths to come through - this is the essence of leadership development.

Remember, it's not true that you can't change. You need to be aware that even deeply ingrained things can be changed, you just need to work to make that happen!

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