How to Brand Individual Agents on Your Team


I like to answer questions I get about how I run my business so that you can use my knowledge to grow yours. Chad asks:
"I understand you help your agents work their sphere by providing them with a personal KCM account and doing automated posts. Are these personal posts coming from The Lars Group, or is it branded as your actual buyer's agent individually?"
This is a great question - the answer to which I wish I would have realized sooner. An agent on my team, Jon Wian, founded High Performing Agents Academy and will be helping us with this group. He started on my team with no general brokerage experience, but will sell over 100 homes this year.

We build branded standalone websites for our agents. We've also come together with Keeping Current Matters to set up an agent blog with really good content. It's not hyper-local or anything, but the blog is branded to a particular agent, it has great stats and graphics, and all the leads go directly to the agent. Also, the emails that are sent out daily are easily posted to the agent's personal Facebook account.

We track the amount of activity they do with note cards, Go For Nos, how many people they asked whether they're looking to buy or sell, how many social posts they did, and a host of other things. I'm not shying away from helping our agents build their brand inside our team. The truth is, it's the accountability that actually makes the results.

I used to pride myself on the fact that at least 85% of our business is team generated, and now that has dropped down to 75% on 475 transactions. This is a 10% delta, but it's about 45 additional transactions because we're focusing on it now. They show up on day one with 50 SOI, and we have them build our their SOI on a regular basis.

The logos are all Lars Group logos, so this is an example of how I give my agents the same tools I use in my business to help them. All of my agents have a BoomTown site as well. If you search it, you'll see that Jon has the same site and tools that I have. This allows me to hold him - and other agents with the same tools - accountable to grow their business. I've found this to work very well!

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