Create Raving Fans with a Past Client Survey and a Special Gift

Transcript [Stacie Peterson]:

One great way to keep in touch with past clients is with surveys. This is in the Google Drive, it's a Starbucks Survey.

Basically, you send this out to your past clients after closing, and we mail it with a $10 Starbucks Gift Card. It says thank you for your purchase, we value your input, and on a scale from 1-10 how likely are you to refer your friends and family? Would you use our services again? And tell us about your overall experience.

It's awesome to get these back. We actually number them on the back side with a pencil so we know who turned them in and who did not, then we read them at our team meetings and keep them in a booklet in the area where we meet with clients.

I read these at my team meeting without letting them know who it's about, and don't let them know who I'm reading about, then the team guesses. This makes things kind of fun.

By sending the Starbucks card with the survey, it rewards the client for filling out the survey. If you get the survey back, it might not be a bad idea to call them and ask them to take a few minutes to give you the same review on your Zillow site. That's how you can take this one step further and go online with it.

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