How to Drive Growth with a Buyer Lead Management Policy


I'm going to go through this in a pretty high-level fashion. There is a document in the Dropbox that you can look at and make your own. Every buyer lead is critically important, and the longer-term leads are even more important.

If you look six months out or twelve months out as these buyers are going online, your ability to service them twelve months before they buy - they're not going to use anyone else. You can lock up that relationship early, and that is super important. Your agents will want the quick check, but it's your job to make sure the pipeline is handled correctly.

I chose the headings you see here (Hot, Nurture and Watch), but ABC is a typical way to track these. Hot buyers are ready to transact in less than 30 days, Nurture buyers are ready to transact in 30-90 days, and Watch buyers are going to be ready in 90 days or more. 

Here's the thing I'll say about having a buyer lead management policy. You can see the document. It's very robust. It goes through how all of the leads are handled, it goes through what we do as far as tracking, and how we hold our people accountable if they don't do their jobs.

This also explains that we have a client care person and an inside sales person. It also covers opportunity time and what you're supposed to do as an agent during opportunity time. We handle that all through Ifbyphone. 

Buyer agents on my team are only allowed to have 100 leads in their Boomtown. They can have new or old leads, but they cannot have more than 100. 

If you're a solo agent I wouldn't go through and change too much in this document, but just read it once through so that you understand it. If you do have a team, go through this document in a way that you can make it your own. However, when you hand it out to your team, make sure that everyone knows that it is just a draft, and not an actual Policy. 

Ultimately you want to enlist your team in helping you build out this document. We're pretty flexible in listening to our agents about how to handle issues that arise from the way that we manage these leads. Allow your team to help you finalize the draft. 

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