How to Have Massive Sales Growth Using This Simple Tool


I just want to show you what we've done for our weekly meetings. Kyle Kirchhoff is pretty much running these meetings on his own. He just wanted one place where he could look every week to see what was going on, and that is the Sales Activity Tracker.

All on one screen he can see their hours, dials, offers submitted, offers accepted, referrals, open house leads, and more. We've added a 'projected sales' column, which helps us to figure out how many sales we might get in the next seven days. He then reports the expected volume to me, along with a few other notes about the agents and their progress.

As the owner, I'm not at these meetings but I can look at these spreadsheets and get a pretty decent idea of what's going on. This is basically just cut and paste from what the agents fill out on their own every week. This is just a weekly summary, and I'll move it so that you can have access to it.

We got this idea from Derrick's seller training, and that was a long fifteen-week process to get us to this simple spreadsheet. You have everything you need in order to do this in my Dropbox, so I don't recommend doing that entire training session. You can find all the resources in here. I'll put this in the buyer system.

We modified our tracker a bit, so you can add what is important to you. We added open house leads, social posts, A+ buyers, and sales projections and volume projections.

I'm showing you my actual success tracker that my buyer agents fill out every Monday evening. I've tweaked mine a bit, and you should do the same to yours if you do something special in your business. You can add SOI's of if an agent got coffee with a lead. It's up to you. The main point is that you're regularly tracking the things that are important to you.

It's boring and monotonous, but consistent activity leads to consistent results.

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