How to Set Agent Expectations with a Position Agreement


I want to run through our Position Agreement, and this is getting buy-in from your team and their ongoing commitment every year.

Let’s get into the Position Agreement:

So you found the ideal candidate and you got them back in the office. Huge disclosure here is that I’m not an attorney and cannot give any legal advice; please consult an attorney before using this document.

This document is provided to you as a tool here, but ultimately you’ll want to consult an attorney before using this.

This is basically plug-and-play; you can replace the logo and team name and brokerage. It’s a fill-in document, so we print this out and write in the names manually. You can also use DocuSign, but we prefer the physical copies.

There are certain legalees in the general stipulations upfront. There’s a separate compensation structure, Duties, Property of The Lars Group including leads, clients, et cetera.

Database Procedures, Scripts and Databases are our property, and we have a minimum commitment of one year. Anything in progress becomes property of The Lars Group. We’d pay out the compensation, but we’d take out a $500 admin charge.

Covenant Not To Compete - which is kind of sticky - but we have some programs where we don’t want them to just go start their own thing and take our programs. We put a 20-mile radius and they can’t take these things for at least 2 years.

Expenses covers expenses, disclosures, those sorts of things.

Then it says the attached Schedule A, B, and C shall be part of this agreement. Schedule A is the Duties of OSA & Minimum Standards of Performance.

Results Inherent in this Position. To consistently acquire customers (and create raving fans) through buyer and seller consultations, prospecting, follow up and contact with personal sphere of influence. To assist in all aspects of the sales process. Through consistent communication and follow-up, assist buyer and seller clients with their real estate needs. To work in conjunction with office staff to oversee agreement to closing.

Then we have general sort of Duties of our Outside Sales Agents, both for buyer and seller OSA’s, as we call them. There is some repetitive stuff in here in terms of who owns the leads, turning contracts within 24 hours, when and how to communicate, attending coaching meetings, and payment structure.

It’s important that if you pay out files, you shouldn’t be doing it more than once per week; it’s too disruptive to the office. I can’t emphasize that enough.

You have to sell at least 2 homes per month, or 6 homes per quarter. If you’re not doing that, you’re losing us money. Not necessarily through expenses, but opportunity cost.

Then we have two Schedule B’s - one for each a Buyer OSA and a Listing OSA. B-School Members have the full Microsoft Word version of this document they can make changes and print the PDF.

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