Allow the Structure of Your Business to Complement Its Vision


This model I was working toward in 2009. The definition of a corporate model is when the team owns the relationship. That's one thing that I think a lot of teams are unclear on. When I generate a lead, I want the client to come out of the closing and write me a great review. You have to own the relationship and make sure that it's being cared for. 

If you look in the graph you'll see where I was in 2009 as far as team structure goes. In the other graph, you can see that I stepped out of production, hired Chari for our operations manager role and put myself in the sales manager role. I've had a printed version of this for the last four years, so I knew I was building this. It didn't turn out exactly like it, but that's okay. We're working towards it. 

Right now I have five buyer agents, and I expect them to do over 200 sides this year. In two weeks we had four new agents starting, and I think it's the best job of recruiting that we've ever done. Nothing against the agents I have now, but I think I can bring in these agents and get them up to 2 homes per month and most teams just don't have that kind of opportunity. 

We also utilize some virtual assistants. One of ours is responsible for responding to our Craigslist ads, which are about 25-30 calls per month. Our other assistant handles the marketing dashboard in the Google Drive. He makes sure that everyone orders home warranties and such, and he's actually more than full time some weeks. Virtual assistants can work really well if you use them correctly. I knew someone who was paying a person $46,000 a year and they hired a VA to match the output for only $9 per hour. 

Kerby Skurat is actually doing some very high-level stuff with virtual assistants if you ever want to speak with him about it. It's nice to pay someone $12,000 and get the same output, but around the world there are different types of work ethics. Our VA somehow works despite having to combat typhoons. He has to find generators to work from most of the time, yet he always manages to find WiFi. 

Just keep in mind that when you're designing your company, it doesn't have to be the same as what I have. You can plug in VA's to certain positions and modify your structure. You could build a team that only costs you $40 an hour but still does hundred of transactions. The possibilities are endless.

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