Impact Your Business with Quarterly Multiplier Projects


I want to show you a tool here that you should use. Most of you that have been to an intensive workshop have seen this. It’s simply an impact filter from Strategic Coach, just organized. This is a way for you to organize the three to five projects you are working on that will impact your business the most. We focus on 5 every 6 months in our coaching group. In the Boardroom, we focus on 5 every quarter. It’s up to you how many you want to take on. 

Some of these big systems, to truly build them out properly, will take a few months. Let’s take a look at this tool. For example, expired listing systems. What do you want to accomplish? Build out a direct mail system to expireds so I can get consistent listing leads. What is the difference it could make? In some markets, this could bring in 3-4 sales a month, but 1-2 months in the market we are in right now. What do the results look like? The best outcome if you take action, the worst outcome if you don’t take action. Success criteria, what has to be true when the project is finished, and then 3 action items that you can take to move this project forward. 

So you’re going through that approach on 5 projects. I know I run the risk on some of this stuff being common sense and not common practice. If you are 6-12 months into this program, you may get the feeling that you like being around this mindset. If you’re not, I built this program to be different than other programs because it is an action-oriented program.

I’m getting together with you, coming up with a 90-day plan, and working with your implementation coach to build this out and take action. If you’ve stalled and need help going through this, get with Stacie. She has implemented pretty much every system I’ve had in my business in her business, and Tyler and Stacie have both leveraged themselves out of the grind of real estate transactions. Now they are looking to scale it, dial in the operations, recruiting, and training side to scale their businesses even more. You’ve got an awesome resource there.

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