How to turn Uncomfortable Growth into Massive Success


Alright, so just some final thoughts on "The Ride" here. Every single step of this process over the last 6, 7 years, I was uncomfortable because I was stretching myself and trying new things. But I do think people are drawn to me as a leader. I don't mean that in an egotistical kind of way, but I'm real. You can tell, that on these calls, I admit my faults as a leader and my mistakes and I lean into my strengths. My ability to snatch up in front of my team and inspire them to bring out the best in them and the ability to be a business owner and manage systems.

I realized over the years that people need to be led. Not that they can't do things themselves, but most of the population needs vision, guidance, and leadership. Along the way I had a lot of intense fears and extreme discomfort, but remained focus on the vision of building a business. There are a lot of businesses that operate without the original person that set the business up. Walt Disney is one of the best examples. Our family's first Disney trip was a year and a half ago, and those experiences are just unbelievable. It's still his name on it, but he's nowhere to be found. That's what we are building at The Lars Group. If you get an awesome buying or selling experience, Lars built what you're getting, but Lars isn't involved in delivering the day to day of it.

My main takeaway is that anything is possible with focus, a plan, and consistent action taken every day. You have to decide what you want, set out a general plan, do hard work, enlist, and inspire others and make it happen. Like I said, with everything we talk about, your ability to take action, in this section specifically, is as much about visioning and seeing where you are today and the steps that you'll go through. There are some key points I went through in this first section here of module 4 and your ability to take action, even if it's just mental shifts on what we discussed, is super key to your success here.

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