How To Become a World Class CEO By Hacking Your Inner Leadership Skills


During the “lead phase” of the Real Estate Business Navigator, it’s your job to step up as a leader in your organization. A huge failing factor for most people in this position is a lack of leadership skills.

Delegation is a crucial shift that requires Dollar Productive Activity, or DPA. Know what your hour is worth! You need to make decisions on what you can’t focus on, such as e-mails and telephone calls. In terms of who you’re going to manage, you should list appointments based on priority.

Hiring the right admin is key to maintain high client service levels. You’re probably still selling at this point, but your exit is near. That’s your goal. Your job is to stay focused on the prize. You must continually communicate your vision and your exit.

My team has seen this diagram. Three years ago, they knew what I was building. They knew I wanted to lead-exit and become an owner. They saw this document before.

Accountability and tracking systems are crucial. I often see teams, even small ones, they don’t feel comfortable with accountability or tracking. In business school, we had tools you need, such as position agreement, individual game plan, 30-day fast start, buyer lead management policy, and lead management protocols. There are models for tracking systems, like the Client Pipeline Report or Weekly Activity Tracker for buyer agents. You need these systems to scale and grow your business.

You have to start seeing yourself as a CEO compared to a producer or manager in the middle of it all. You need to develop leadership skills. It’s not something you’re both with. There are natural born leaders, but leadership skills can be learned and developed.

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